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Aah the B side, the slightly unloved cousin in the musical family, the one that doesn’t quite have the polish to be a title track or doesn’t quite fit into the album. When I used to buy tape or CD singles I somtimes enjoyed the B-side more than the title, maybe some obscure gem that completely broke the artists known style or had a certain raw energy not found in the highly polished main track.

Alas they are kind of a dying breed. The download culture has kind of removed the necessity for audio stuffing… you want a track, you buy a track. However the change in distribution has not necessarily caused a change in production. I doubt I’m the only one with loads of tracks sitting in their projects directory that are complete but somehow don’t fit into a release.

So, I want to revive this tradition but instead of bundling these tracks with other releases I’m going to release them for free under creative commons for all to enjoy. So for the meantime I’ve got some mastering to do…

Watch this space, they’ll start being uploaded soon

Love and Peace



Sounds of London

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Random

Everyone here complains about the weather, or at least talks about it so much that it is considered a joke around the world. But much as people complain about the constant drizzle, sitting here listening to the rain outside makes me feel completely serene.

It might be the sheer contrast to the bosh I was working on downstairs but there is definately something about its chaotic, yet unified nature. Even if it means the odd cancelled picnic I would find it strange living somewhere without it.

If you’re interested in taming the sounds of nature for musical purposes you should definately check out the free nature VST pack by xoxos. Which emulates rain, wind and thunder as well as insects and birds. It also won the KVR developer’s challenge back in 2007

Or just stick a mike out your window and tape some 😉


the vibe electric cover

Dataphiles – The Vibe Electric (Release date 24/08/2009)

1 Trigger Happy

2 Chroma

3 Drillbit

4 Analyse

5 Shulgin

6 Answer Me

7 Apis

8 Riffraff

9 Acoustic Meltdown

10 80s Child

11 Cathode

Yes, its official … my album is mastered and submitted. It’ll be appearing on all your favourite digital retailers on the 24th of August. If you haven’t heard any of the tracks yet expect a mix of house, electro, glitch and bosh.

Also I’ll be prereleasing it on my download page about 2 weeks before its general release.

If you run a website, blog, magazine etc that does music reviews and you want a copy drop me an email.

Love and Peace


I’ve finished mastering my album and preparing it for upload, ready for a mid-late August release. It’ll be available for free on the download page for a limited period before it goes on general release at you favourite digital retailer. So check back here and you can get it gratis 🙂

In the meantime I’ll be working on some new tracks and mastering some of my old ones (from when I started Dataphiles) so there will always be free music on the upload page for you to enjoy.

Love and Peace


As promised in my previous post, I’ve released the video for answer me.  Made using glowsticks, a darkened room and some awesome volunteers. So big thanks to the Brixton boys,  superbassman, and the glowstick ninja for all their help.

You can see it fullscreen on Youtube, and Facebook.

Also, if you’ve been wondering why it’s been a little quiet recently, I’m mastering an album at the moment. It’s going to be released soon, so watch this space

Love and Peace


I’ve added Answer me to the download page. It’s upbeat with rock drums, reverbed arps and (shockingly for a Dataphiles track) a vaguely comprehensible vocal line. Click above to give it a listen and check back here later for its accompanying video.

Love and Peace