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FL Studio 9 released

Posted: September 21, 2009 in News, Random
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Version 9 of my favourite DAW was released last week. Having given it a proper go now I’m really impressed

Here are my favourite new features

– It was free (OK not actually a new feature but this is by far and away my favourite thing about every FL update, as once you buy it you get lifetime free updates)

– Riff machine – A new and very funky feature is the riff machine that can create lines and melodies in a variety of ways, from completely random to interpreting an existing score

– Sidechaining – While sidechaing effects were possible in previous versions using the peak controller, allowing multiple (seperate) inputs to each mixer channel is definately a long wanted addition. Means I can use some of those cool multi-input Reaktor ensembles

-Vocodex – I have to say this is possibly the most flexible vocoder I’ve ever seen, pretty much everything is tweakable and it uses the multiple inputs feature really well. In all honesty explaining all its features would be a blog post all in itself

– Better Fruity wrapper – Much improved VSTi/DXi handling options

– GUI overhaul – The new version depinately looks prettier, especially the way it handles plug-ins without their own GUIs. Also several graphical tweaks have the whole environment easier on the eyes. While this might not seem important, if you spend 3 hours staring a screen it can make a big difference

–  Autogun – A new free addition to the fruity synth library, based on their recent Ogun synth. It has only a couple of controls and a huge (>4 billion) number of randomly generated (and named) presets. I usually like fiddling around with a synths controls but there is something fun about browsing through the library especially if you need a little inspiration. I would however say you should definately add an EQ to it to knock those sounds into shape. Even if you don’t use FL you can still download the (also free) VST version here and give it a go

– Mid/side tools – Its a nice little addition

– Pattern muting – definately smooths out the workflow

And here’s my wishlist for new features

– Please Image-Line add a freeze pattern/channel function. It would be really helpful

– Other than that I’m pretty happy 😉

That just about sums it up… expect to hear some tracks made in it soon.

Also if you’re thinking of buying it, you can get a 10% discount on it if you know someone who’s already bought it through their affilliate scheme. Seeing as you know me (at least in a virtual sense) click here to get your discount.

Love and Peace



And it turns out…

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Random
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Shockingly, you really can fix a rrod xbox 360 with four pieces of eraser. How ridiculous!

To be fair, I’m really not complaining, I got a free xbox. The most surprising thing is actually that it survived being taken apart and put back together (there were two very disconcerting cracks while we screwed the motherboard back in).

There’s also a genius moment film on my mobile of use testing a sample of eraser (for heat resistance) by frying it in the worlds smallest frying pan. Maybe I’ll upload it soon for randomness value

Love and Peace


I think I’ve been screwed

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Random
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A friend of mine said I can have his red ring of death-ed xbox 360 if I can fix it. I felt I had to do it, even if it goes tits up I love dissecting technology. However I’ve been foiled … by the wrong type of screwdriver. After dismantling most of the case we found that to completely wrench off the motherboard you need a tiny torx screwdriver, and then proceeded to wander around Brixton looking for the right equipment.

Well, we failed for today but expect another post soon about whether you really can fix a dead xbox with four pieces of eraser and some double sided tape.

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