Sounds of London

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Random

Everyone here complains about the weather, or at least talks about it so much that it is considered a joke around the world. But much as people complain about the constant drizzle, sitting here listening to the rain outside makes me feel completely serene.

It might be the sheer contrast to the bosh I was working on downstairs but there is definately something about its chaotic, yet unified nature. Even if it means the odd cancelled picnic I would find it strange living somewhere without it.

If you’re interested in taming the sounds of nature for musical purposes you should definately check out the free nature VST pack by xoxos. Which emulates rain, wind and thunder as well as insects and birds. It also won the KVR developer’s challenge back in 2007

Or just stick a mike out your window and tape some 😉



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