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I’ve just added two new tracks to the download page. A boshy rave track (Analyse) and a funky house number (Acoustic Meltdown).

As always you can download either a free (128 MP3) version or a paid copy in the high quality format of your choice.

Love and Peace


Quite a while ago I wrote a track for my late (and much loved) friend Jonny Fraser. He was a real inspiration for me, and even though he’s been gone for over 3 years now I still think about him a lot.

So I’ve decided to release it, I think he would have liked that. He was a drummer and a huge lover of music, when he died it felt like the whole rhythm of life was shaken up. I know that chillout/downtempo/breakbeat isn’t my normal style but it felt right.

Its up on the internet archive for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to copy/send it as much as you like, just keep the comment about Jonny in the MP3 file.

Love and Peace



As you may be able to see is now live… welcome.

Click the link to the right to go to the download section where you can find free Dataphiles downloads (as well as pay-per-download high quality versions).

Love and peace

Chroma on iTunes

Posted: April 16, 2009 in News, releases
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Yay Chroma has finally been added to iTunes. Bring on the Bosh!


I’ve uploaded a new synth to the reaktor library. It is a subtractive synth controlled by a grid of buttons (no knobs etc). Which apart from making some weird and wonderful sounds also lets you draw little pixelated pictures on the control surface (as above). If you’re a reaktor user and you fancy having a go you can download it from the user library.

I’m going to try to find another home for my reaktor ensembles as well so that kore users and people without acess to the user library can get hold of them.

Love and Peace


WIP – What’s going on

Posted: April 8, 2009 in News

Hehe, took me a while to recover from the insane party we had over the weekend. Got to play a healthy Dataphiles playlist though and feedback was good even from the non electronica-heads. All good fun.

Slightly annoyingly routenote (the publisher of sorts I’m using to get my tacks onto iTunes, emusic etc) is having a holiday of unknown origin so the storming tracks that I have queued up will take a bit longer to release. I think Chroma will be next to appear which would be nice as you can never have enough bosh in the world 😉

Still if you’re reading this and you want to get hold of them they are still all on bandcamp, amiestreet and other places. I’m still inching my way towards a level up on thesixtyone so hopefully new tracks will appear there soon too.

Love and Peace