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Sometimes you read something that really makes you pissed

For me this is pretty much it …

Imagine the scene, you’re a young struggling musician sitting on a train trying to come up with some good track titles (which, from experience can be a really frustrating process) and start jotting down some existing song titles for inspiration. Say you choose amonst others All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers and Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. Then, the glorious British Transport Police escorts you off the train for ‘acting suspiciously’.


For me there are two major ironies in this… firstly if anyone was actually doing anything suspicious like say making an architectural drawing of a station or designing new type of bomb the BTS probably wouldn’t even care, they seem to spend all their time glowering at clubbers coming out of Farringdon station or stopping people knocking back a beer. Secondly, the fact that this has become so public might have given The Magic Mushrooms (the band involved) some free publicity. Unfortunately I cant find a web address so I can add to it (or rather there are rather a lot of bands called the magic mushrooms out there) so if anyone knows one please comment it below

Love and Peace


d written down were The Killers‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, although he had simply written “killers” rather than the band’s full name. Another track written down was ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand.

Some things in life really get my back up and car insurance companies are definately one of them.

As if being charged for your gender, age and where you live isn’t enough, when you actually need to use them they’ll put so many barriers in your path you can’t actually claim. Even if its something entirely reasonable like your car being nicked.

Oh and even if you get to the claiming stage, you can end up losing money by losing your no claims discount. In fact, it turns out if you have an open claim, they can cancel your insurance and leave you to take your chances elsewhere at a vastly inflated price.

In summary, that’s the last time I buy anything from a pachyderm in a suit

Love and Peace