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Dataphiles …in unusual places

Posted: June 29, 2009 in News, Random

A mate told me over the weekend that he’d used one of my tracks in his work… which happened to be making a slideshow presentation for a London Hospital. Apparently the Doctors loved it 😉

He also pointed out that he wasn’t going to pay me royalties but I was welcome to some beer, and who can argue with that?



I’d like to announce the start of a new project, and I’d like the whole world to take part (and yes that means you)

I’m really interested in the potential of the web for musical collaboration, and while there are several websites set up for this purpose I’m thinking something on a wider scale. I want to make a track (or some tracks, if there is enough interest) entirely made out of samples that I’ve been sent from the millions of potential music makers online.

You don’t need any musical background, knowledge or ability (though none of these things would be detrimental). All you need is a microphone and a computer… even a buit-in webcam mike or the old one you inexplicable have in a draw left over from a forgotten 80s cassette player will do.

Here’s what you have to do

1) Record a sample – This can be anything from you saying something, playing something, hitting something… whatever you like. Alternatively you can sample a short piece of sound from a non copyright protected source.

2) Send it – Either Email it to me (using the link on the right), put it on a general download site/sample site (e.g. The Freesound Project,) and post the link in a comment to this post.

I’ll try to use everything I get sent, as an advance warning it may need to be resampled, glitched, effected or destroyed in some other way to get it to work musically but I’ll do my best. When I’ve recieved enough samples and made a track it will be uploaded free under the creative commons licence. Maybe some other producers will remix it and the collaboration will continue.

Also if you produce music and you want to be involved in making the tracks, drop me an email.

Either way, get involved!

Love and Peace


randon Screen

I’ve made a new Reaktor noise box, using sine bank and noise oscillators, granular resynthesis and filters. It also has a crazy trippy skin. Sounds roughly like HAL with a really bad virus… so great for adding some bizzare bits of noise or pseudomelody to tracks.

If you want to grab it head over to the Reaktor user library or to KVR

Love and Peace


Healthy Living

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Random

I think I just learned the hard way that whatever it says on a bottle of big tom, 5 bloody mary’s do not fulfill your daily fruit and vegetable allowance.


thesixtone bazaar

Posted: June 13, 2009 in News

thesixtone have opened a shop as part of its website. So as well as listening to cool new music you can pick up MP3s at very reasonable prices (as well as their large collection free ones)

Love and Peace


If you use thesixtyone or Stereofame you may have already heard Drillbit. If you haven’t its a glitchy, flowing electronica track with a bunch of chopping and Reaktor sound. In fact, why not just click below and listen

Head over to the Download page to get your free copy (or paid copy if you want a lovely high quality version) and let me know what you think.

In partially related news, I think I have enough tracks to put together a decent album (one of my projects for the last few months) so I’m going to start putting things together, aiming to release in 2-3 months time so watch this space for more news.

Love and Peace


I’ve used Battery for quite a while as my standard go to drum sampler. I only realised quite recently that I was only using a fraction of its power, it has amazing sound design, modulation and sampling features.

I decided to make myself a drum kit so that I could fully explore its features as well as filling in some percussion sounds I felt were missing from my collection. After a bit of experimentation, out came Genki kit. Now I have put it on  KVR for all to enjoy

All of the drums were made using raw sample material from Gen-Rate (my crazy Reaktor noisebox) and processed using Battery. The end result is a glitchy kit with a variety of different techy fx sounds.

I also uploaded Darqdelay to KVR, in case you don’t have access to the NI library.

Love and Peace


I just saw Phil Lewis‘s site and I think I can still see the colours in the background of my screen. I love the idea of combining old techniques with new technology, and this guy does it so effectively. Reminds me a lot of 60s Psychedelica but with a destinctively modern feel. Good for you sir

There was a vote in the UK today, for european politicians… and I didn’t turn up. Some people may call this apathy but it honestly isn’t, it’s disgust.

Not that I have anything personal against anyone who’s running, just politicians as a gross generalisation. With the news of our politicians petty expenses claims and other niggling behaviour becoming, after about 4 solid weeks, well, boring (eg). Everyone says that the system needs to be changed, so I have a suggestion… give us a way not to choose.

Votes on a much smaller scale often include a RON (reopen nominations) box. The option that lets you say ‘actually none of the people you put up for election are worth voting for’. If it was there we could actually see how many people can’t be bothered to turn up and how many just don’t think anyone is electable. Would be nice to know.

OK I’ve vented, I’m going to go work on a nice chillout track now.

Love and Peace