About me

My name is Dataphiles and this is my website. Welcome to all who visit

I’m an independent music producer, sound designer and Reaktor wrangler. I make music that’s energetic, uplifting and a little leftfield. I’d say my biggest influences are Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Deadmau5 and Faithless. More generally I listen to (and draw from) electro, house, gLitch, dance and experimental music. I did my time as an altrocker in my youth so in general anything with lots of energy and a cool vibe floats my boat. I also run my own label, DTPL records. Keep your eyes on the twitter feed on the right for free stuff, promotions and my musings. You can also head over to the download page for tracks and samples

In my life outside of music, I’m a scientist fascinated by the way we interact with the world around us. I collect information in a way that borders addiction hence the name (its not just a pun, its an apt pun). I love meeting new people online, so if you want to collaborate, offer me some work (paid or pro bono) or just chat about the state of the world drop me an email.

Love and Peace,



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