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It has been a year of mourning
Even early there were warnings
But it’s not celebrities I grieve
It’s the loss of what I believe

I was raised for a world of reason
Where dissent was vital, not accused of treason
Where arguments were won by word
Not the volume at which they’re heard

Now all our politicians do is pander
The news decayed to propaganda
Our anger has been monetised –
To increase profits, amplified

We were surprised, we found it numbing
As if we couldn’t see this coming
But maybe we chose not to see
The simmering catastrophe

We loathed Bibi, cheered Berlusconi
Dismissed Le Pen and all her cronies
Saw them gain power yet not understand
‘It could never happen in this (green and) pleasant land’

But when we’re given the same choices
All we heard were hateful voices
We showed the world we’re just the same
Our leaders also play that lethal game

Finding cracks within the nation
Widening them with fears of immigration
Or inflation, or even war
Then tell us it’s worth fighting for

Their job should be to find consensus
Yet all they say is “you’re with us or against us”
To us this rot has now extended
“Toe the line or be defriended!”

We’ve closed our minds and closed our ears
We only talk to those who share our fears
On the left, the right, with any view
The zealots say that only their path is true

We scorn all outside our bubble
Call them insane or the cause of trouble
Shout down our own sister or brother
Transform them from person into ‘other’

And so the lesson becomes clear
We must remember how to hear
How to listen to a statement that offends us
Even something we find horrendous

And tell them calmly why we disagree
With no anger or hyperbole
Or telling them what they’re allowed to think
Perhaps we can bring debate back from the brink

But most of all, we must recognise
Reality is seen through 14 billion eyes
And every last one of them is human
And shares this tiny rock, around our distant sun

Peace <ᵎᵒᵎ3


Election time blues

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Random
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So true, and as the UK election stumbles even closer I can’t help wondering whether the choice offered is essentially… Would you like a poke in the eye or a kick in the nuts? Please place your choice in the tickbox below.

Having said that as we’re having more of a 3 horse race at the moment you might want to add a 3rd option to the choice above, how about an elbow to the solar plexus. I don’t really have anything against Nick Clegg, but after all he’s still a politician.

While some people I know take what they say very seriously, they never get held to account after they’ve been elected so why even bother listening. In all fairness the only reason I would usually vote is to keep the BNP out of power but they’re not even running in my area. I suppose I should be thankful.

Love and Peace