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I’ve used Battery for quite a while as my standard go to drum sampler. I only realised quite recently that I was only using a fraction of its power, it has amazing sound design, modulation and sampling features.

I decided to make myself a drum kit so that I could fully explore its features as well as filling in some percussion sounds I felt were missing from my collection. After a bit of experimentation, out came Genki kit. Now I have put it on  KVR for all to enjoy

All of the drums were made using raw sample material from Gen-Rate (my crazy Reaktor noisebox) and processed using Battery. The end result is a glitchy kit with a variety of different techy fx sounds.

I also uploaded Darqdelay to KVR, in case you don’t have access to the NI library.

Love and Peace



I’ve decided to upload my Reaktor back catalogue to kvr, (invader, phazmatic, gen-rate, stepnik and binary)  so now you don’t need access to the native instruments user library to play around with Dataphiles synths.

Also, as if you needed a reason to love Reaktor I was looking on the download page for gen-rate, which already contained a pretty surreal series of posts, and someone has added this gem:

“There was a strange spaceship in my back yard. The door was open so I hopped in for a fly, a bunch of seemingly random controls crashed my through the neighbors fence before taking me to a really wet planet. I had to battle marsh blobs before jumping into hyper splodge.
Suddenly I woke up with a start realising I had gone to bed straight after a large dose of LSD and had dreamed I’d fallen into a Reaktor!!!

Thanks I love it, now I don’t have to record the bath tub :-)”

Hugo Peterson – you are officially awesome

Love and Peace