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26 hour days?

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Random
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I’ve had some major issues with my sleep recently, even when I’ve been exhausted my body wants to stay awake too late. As if the day is too short to contain the amount of waking activities and sleep that I need.

Sometimes I wonder if my body clock would work better if the days were longer, I reckon 25-26 hours would be good. All I need to do is find a nice planet to live on with a suitable spin 😉

Alternately I could always become an eco campaigner … using tidal power actually slows down the earth’s spin, I reckon if everyone started using it in a millenium or two I’d be sorted

Love and Peace



There was a vote in the UK today, for european politicians… and I didn’t turn up. Some people may call this apathy but it honestly isn’t, it’s disgust.

Not that I have anything personal against anyone who’s running, just politicians as a gross generalisation. With the news of our politicians petty expenses claims and other niggling behaviour becoming, after about 4 solid weeks, well, boring (eg). Everyone says that the system needs to be changed, so I have a suggestion… give us a way not to choose.

Votes on a much smaller scale often include a RON (reopen nominations) box. The option that lets you say ‘actually none of the people you put up for election are worth voting for’. If it was there we could actually see how many people can’t be bothered to turn up and how many just don’t think anyone is electable. Would be nice to know.

OK I’ve vented, I’m going to go work on a nice chillout track now.

Love and Peace