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Want to turn your music collection into a racing game, shmup or dungeon crawl? Beat up enemies with a dance mat? Fly through alien landscapes of banging dubstep. These are my 11 top games where you ‘play’ the music

Also, if you’re wondering why your favourite music based game isn’t on there, my original article (from years ago) on music based gaming is available here



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I founded this blog almost 8 years ago when I started to become serious about learning music production. Now 1 hundred posts, many tracks and a few crazy projects later I’m pleased to report its still going strong. At the beginning I was just a keen hobbyist but I’m much more confident in my productions now, I even sometimes feel like I know what I’m doing 😉

Also highly appropriately (especially if you are a fan of the number 10 and multiples thereof) as of this week there are now 10 tracks in the free tracks playlist on Soundcloud – both new and old, so a mix of electroswing, house, techno and leftfield

As well as the free tracks, you can also now get the whole of my back catalogue for 1 discounted price at the download page. Please consider supporting me so that I can continue for the next 100 posts and beyond

As for what those posts might be, I’ve got a new electroswing EP in the pipeline, a few DJing/VJing projects to write about and a couple of new articles too, so expect all of that soon. Hit the subscribe button on the left if you want an email when that happens or browse down and see what I’ve been writing about all of that time

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The playlist of free Dataphiles tracks on soundcloud is looking very healthy. There are now 9 tracks with more to be added soon. Check it out and get yourself some quality music for nothing


Two new tracks on the download page

Posted: December 27, 2009 in free stuff, releases
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Ever wondered what the best cure for some seasonal overindulgence is?

Put on some pumping electronica and dance it off!

To help you out I’ve added two new tracks to the download page. Dive in, a punky driven track and Exponent, a furious bosh with lots of digital distortion. Have a listen below …


You may have noticed the download page has changed slightly, there are now only high quality downloads. So you can get these tracks in the format you want for the price you choose (even for free). Hope you enjoy

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As I promised previously I’m starting to add the B-sides from The Vibe Electric to the Download page.  And here’s the first one a scratchy sliced track called SAS (no reference to the stealthy badasses, honestly). Hope you Enjoy!

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PS All of these B-sides are completely free (and released under creative commons) except if you want to use them commercially, in which case contact me

I’ve added Answer me to the download page. It’s upbeat with rock drums, reverbed arps and (shockingly for a Dataphiles track) a vaguely comprehensible vocal line. Click above to give it a listen and check back here later for its accompanying video.

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I’d like to announce the start of a new project, and I’d like the whole world to take part (and yes that means you)

I’m really interested in the potential of the web for musical collaboration, and while there are several websites set up for this purpose I’m thinking something on a wider scale. I want to make a track (or some tracks, if there is enough interest) entirely made out of samples that I’ve been sent from the millions of potential music makers online.

You don’t need any musical background, knowledge or ability (though none of these things would be detrimental). All you need is a microphone and a computer… even a buit-in webcam mike or the old one you inexplicable have in a draw left over from a forgotten 80s cassette player will do.

Here’s what you have to do

1) Record a sample – This can be anything from you saying something, playing something, hitting something… whatever you like. Alternatively you can sample a short piece of sound from a non copyright protected source.

2) Send it – Either Email it to me (using the link on the right), put it on a general download site/sample site (e.g. The Freesound Project,) and post the link in a comment to this post.

I’ll try to use everything I get sent, as an advance warning it may need to be resampled, glitched, effected or destroyed in some other way to get it to work musically but I’ll do my best. When I’ve recieved enough samples and made a track it will be uploaded free under the creative commons licence. Maybe some other producers will remix it and the collaboration will continue.

Also if you produce music and you want to be involved in making the tracks, drop me an email.

Either way, get involved!

Love and Peace


While looking for new and exciting places to put my music, I came across Stereofame. As well as all of the funky social networking and music discovery functions that you expect from other sites like it, it lets you exchange the points you earn for tangible rewards… and who can argue with that.

Check it out


thesixtyone is easily my favourite music community site, it has awesome features and people genuinely communicate with each other. If you’ve never used it and you love music (which I figure you probably must as you’re reading this blog) get yourself over there right now, I promise you wont regret it … unless you have a deadline coming up 😉

I haven’t added a track in a while and I decided it was high time to rectify that situation.

Love and Peace


I’ve uploaded a couple of new tracks that I’m working on to my Myspace and Facebook pages. They still need a little tweaking before I release them on the ususpecting public so they’re not on the download page … yet.

Anyway there is Upwards, an electronica/film music/funky breaks kind of thing  and Dream PF, a dream piano number. Anyway I should be releasing them properly in a while but for the meantime, have a listen and let me know what you think.

I’ve also added Apis (a classic Dataphiles track) to Facebook , just for fun

Love and Peace