World Wide Virtual Collaboration (WWVC)

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Projects
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I’d like to announce the start of a new project, and I’d like the whole world to take part (and yes that means you)

I’m really interested in the potential of the web for musical collaboration, and while there are several websites set up for this purpose I’m thinking something on a wider scale. I want to make a track (or some tracks, if there is enough interest) entirely made out of samples that I’ve been sent from the millions of potential music makers online.

You don’t need any musical background, knowledge or ability (though none of these things would be detrimental). All you need is a microphone and a computer… even a buit-in webcam mike or the old one you inexplicable have in a draw left over from a forgotten 80s cassette player will do.

Here’s what you have to do

1) Record a sample – This can be anything from you saying something, playing something, hitting something… whatever you like. Alternatively you can sample a short piece of sound from a non copyright protected source.

2) Send it – Either Email it to me (using the link on the right), put it on a general download site/sample site (e.g. The Freesound Project,) and post the link in a comment to this post.

I’ll try to use everything I get sent, as an advance warning it may need to be resampled, glitched, effected or destroyed in some other way to get it to work musically but I’ll do my best. When I’ve recieved enough samples and made a track it will be uploaded free under the creative commons licence. Maybe some other producers will remix it and the collaboration will continue.

Also if you produce music and you want to be involved in making the tracks, drop me an email.

Either way, get involved!

Love and Peace



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