iTunes powered WMDs??

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Random
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I was just reading failblog and saw this

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Umm how on earth they expect that to make sense… perhaps you could substitute the plutonium with a core of pure X-Factor runner ups and use it to destroy the television timetable of the victim country. Either way I’ve signed the agreement and so Apple, just to put your mind at ease … I promise I won’t develop WMDs using iTunes.

Besides everyone know’s that windows media player is a much better nuke building tool 😛

Love and Peace


  1. Ryan Nagy says:

    No shit. That’s not real is it?!!

  2. Ryan Nagy says:

    Unfrickin believable. Now, you’ve really got my attention. I’m going to check it out.

    – Ryan

    Bye the way – I just submitted this post to StumbeUpon. I’ll be curious to know how many people view it in the next 24 hours.

  3. Ryan Nagy says:

    doh! I guess it was submitted already.

  4. Spycon says:

    Stumbled it
    Pretty weird tho

  5. Kleeb says:

    It’s actually fairly standard. That clause is in most EULAs. It protects the company from litigation if any of their software is reverse-engineered and used for malicious purposes. You’ll see it in a bunch of Microsoft’s stuff too.

  6. […] I was kinda suprised to see 4000 people had visited the blog over two days last week all to the itunes WMD post from a few months. You gotta love […]

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