WIP – What’s going on

Posted: April 8, 2009 in News

Hehe, took me a while to recover from the insane party we had over the weekend. Got to play a healthy Dataphiles playlist though and feedback was good even from the non electronica-heads. All good fun.

Slightly annoyingly routenote (the publisher of sorts I’m using to get my tacks onto iTunes, emusic etc) is having a holiday of unknown origin so the storming tracks that I have queued up will take a bit longer to release. I think Chroma will be next to appear which would be nice as you can never have enough bosh in the world 😉

Still if you’re reading this and you want to get hold of them they are still all on bandcamp, amiestreet and other places. I’m still inching my way towards a level up on thesixtyone so hopefully new tracks will appear there soon too.

Love and Peace



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