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Album progress report

Posted: July 12, 2011 in News
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I’ve got a draft tracklist together for my upcoming album. Inevitably its taking longer than expected with all the housekeeping jobs for each track. Once that’s done I’ve only got to worry about mastering all of them together, doing the album art, oh and coming up with a name for the whole thing.

Anyway, its always good to make progress, it looks like its going to end up being a late 2011, early 2012 release. In all fairness, probably early 2012 to avoid all the bull that comes out in the run up to Christmas. I’ll be sure to keep you posted

Love and Peace



Actually this happened a couple of days ago.

Thesixtyone used to be my favourite music discovery site, until about a year or two ago they changed their format to one of the most bizarre websites … in the world. Hope is not lost though, as when the email came through telling me I’d hit the homepage I logged on for the first time in ages. And made a discovery,

You can still use the oldschool format by going to and turn into a useable website once again. Badass

Now you can enjoy one of the best music discovery community websites anew

Love and Peace



FL Studio 10 released

Posted: March 30, 2011 in News
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The latest version of my DAW of choice has been released, its all quite exciting.

Looking forward to trying out some new features, especially the updated piano roll and mixer. That and the crazy modular looking plugin chainer that they’ve added. Also Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation has finally been added (well in a major upgrade at least) . That means I can finally crack out some of my weirder audio processing plugins that were too laggy to use live before, Spektral Delay anyone? For a full list of stuff that they’ve put in as they edge ever closer to 11 look here

I’m also looking forward to trying out the two pitch correction plugins that they’ve released. They’re currently being sold in the ‘pay what you think they’re worth’ style that Image-Line have initially released most of their recent plugins with, so its definately worth getting them while they’re still a tenner (or more, your choice). Don’t expect any hideous auto-tuned to hell pop ballads coming from the Dataphiles stable, maybe some trippy tuned noisescapes.

Anyway, expect to read more when I have had a chance to try all of the above out.

Now if you’ve yet to sample the delights of FL Studio, download the demo and give it a go, there maybe a great producer lurking inside of you. Actually wait a sec that just sounds creepy. Oh well you get the idea.

Prices for the full version start at about £50, or £100 for the version you probably want if you’re getting serious. Pretty cheap considering you get free lifetime upgrades and a 10% discount if you use my affiliate link to buy it, or any other Image Line. So what’re you waiting for?

Love and Peace


New album announcement

Posted: February 22, 2011 in News, releases
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Well its very tentative but I’m getting together a tracklist for a new album. Its early stages now but I’ll probably try for a summer release.

Anyway, keep tuned in for further developments but in the meantime there is new music on the download page (which may well be included in the finished product). I decided to go for a bit more of a vocal sound than usual with an electo-ish feel. So have a listen and get hyped 😉


Love and Peace


Hello again

Posted: August 25, 2010 in News

Regular readers may have noticed a distinct lack of posts recently. I’ve kind of had the year from hell workwise. Rest assured I’ve still been making tunes, mastering up a few to upload at the moment. Even got a couple of Reaktor ensembles in the pipeline as well, so stay tunes.

Anyway, Let the blogging recommence

Love and Peace


Drumroll please!

Here’s your chance to get my recent album The Vibe Electric for absolutely nothing.

All you have to do is answer the following question…

The Vibe Electric is Dataphiles’ debut album, but it is actually the second album I have released. What is the name of the first?

Two clues: 1) you won’t find anything about it on this website and 2) It was released under a different artist name and is still available

When you think you know email me at and if you’ve got it right I will send you a download code… simples.

The deadline for entries is the end of the year (31st Dec 2009) and I’ve got 50 free copies to give away on a first come, first served basis. So be quick 😉

Happy hunting, D

FL Studio 9 released

Posted: September 21, 2009 in News, Random
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Version 9 of my favourite DAW was released last week. Having given it a proper go now I’m really impressed

Here are my favourite new features

– It was free (OK not actually a new feature but this is by far and away my favourite thing about every FL update, as once you buy it you get lifetime free updates)

– Riff machine – A new and very funky feature is the riff machine that can create lines and melodies in a variety of ways, from completely random to interpreting an existing score

– Sidechaining – While sidechaing effects were possible in previous versions using the peak controller, allowing multiple (seperate) inputs to each mixer channel is definately a long wanted addition. Means I can use some of those cool multi-input Reaktor ensembles

-Vocodex – I have to say this is possibly the most flexible vocoder I’ve ever seen, pretty much everything is tweakable and it uses the multiple inputs feature really well. In all honesty explaining all its features would be a blog post all in itself

– Better Fruity wrapper – Much improved VSTi/DXi handling options

– GUI overhaul – The new version depinately looks prettier, especially the way it handles plug-ins without their own GUIs. Also several graphical tweaks have the whole environment easier on the eyes. While this might not seem important, if you spend 3 hours staring a screen it can make a big difference

–  Autogun – A new free addition to the fruity synth library, based on their recent Ogun synth. It has only a couple of controls and a huge (>4 billion) number of randomly generated (and named) presets. I usually like fiddling around with a synths controls but there is something fun about browsing through the library especially if you need a little inspiration. I would however say you should definately add an EQ to it to knock those sounds into shape. Even if you don’t use FL you can still download the (also free) VST version here and give it a go

– Mid/side tools – Its a nice little addition

– Pattern muting – definately smooths out the workflow

And here’s my wishlist for new features

– Please Image-Line add a freeze pattern/channel function. It would be really helpful

– Other than that I’m pretty happy 😉

That just about sums it up… expect to hear some tracks made in it soon.

Also if you’re thinking of buying it, you can get a 10% discount on it if you know someone who’s already bought it through their affilliate scheme. Seeing as you know me (at least in a virtual sense) click here to get your discount.

Love and Peace


Aah the B side, the slightly unloved cousin in the musical family, the one that doesn’t quite have the polish to be a title track or doesn’t quite fit into the album. When I used to buy tape or CD singles I somtimes enjoyed the B-side more than the title, maybe some obscure gem that completely broke the artists known style or had a certain raw energy not found in the highly polished main track.

Alas they are kind of a dying breed. The download culture has kind of removed the necessity for audio stuffing… you want a track, you buy a track. However the change in distribution has not necessarily caused a change in production. I doubt I’m the only one with loads of tracks sitting in their projects directory that are complete but somehow don’t fit into a release.

So, I want to revive this tradition but instead of bundling these tracks with other releases I’m going to release them for free under creative commons for all to enjoy. So for the meantime I’ve got some mastering to do…

Watch this space, they’ll start being uploaded soon

Love and Peace


the vibe electric cover

Dataphiles – The Vibe Electric (Release date 24/08/2009)

1 Trigger Happy

2 Chroma

3 Drillbit

4 Analyse

5 Shulgin

6 Answer Me

7 Apis

8 Riffraff

9 Acoustic Meltdown

10 80s Child

11 Cathode

Yes, its official … my album is mastered and submitted. It’ll be appearing on all your favourite digital retailers on the 24th of August. If you haven’t heard any of the tracks yet expect a mix of house, electro, glitch and bosh.

Also I’ll be prereleasing it on my download page about 2 weeks before its general release.

If you run a website, blog, magazine etc that does music reviews and you want a copy drop me an email.

Love and Peace


Dataphiles …in unusual places

Posted: June 29, 2009 in News, Random

A mate told me over the weekend that he’d used one of my tracks in his work… which happened to be making a slideshow presentation for a London Hospital. Apparently the Doctors loved it 😉

He also pointed out that he wasn’t going to pay me royalties but I was welcome to some beer, and who can argue with that?