FL Studio 10 released

Posted: March 30, 2011 in News
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The latest version of my DAW of choice has been released, its all quite exciting.

Looking forward to trying out some new features, especially the updated piano roll and mixer. That and the crazy modular looking plugin chainer that they’ve added. Also Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation has finally been added (well in a major upgrade at least) . That means I can finally crack out some of my weirder audio processing plugins that were too laggy to use live before, Spektral Delay anyone? For a full list of stuff that they’ve put in as they edge ever closer to 11 look here

I’m also looking forward to trying out the two pitch correction plugins that they’ve released. They’re currently being sold in the ‘pay what you think they’re worth’ style that Image-Line have initially released most of their recent plugins with, so its definately worth getting them while they’re still a tenner (or more, your choice). Don’t expect any hideous auto-tuned to hell pop ballads coming from the Dataphiles stable, maybe some trippy tuned noisescapes.

Anyway, expect to read more when I have had a chance to try all of the above out.

Now if you’ve yet to sample the delights of FL Studio, download the demo and give it a go, there maybe a great producer lurking inside of you. Actually wait a sec that just sounds creepy. Oh well you get the idea.

Prices for the full version start at about £50, or £100 for the version you probably want if you’re getting serious. Pretty cheap considering you get free lifetime upgrades and a 10% discount if you use my affiliate link to buy it, or any other Image Line. So what’re you waiting for?

Love and Peace


  1. lildrezy22 says:

    Love the post. However one question I do have is whats the difference in the producer edition? I only buy the producer edition but I never knew the difference between that and the regular ones…?

    Also can you post some tutorials on this program if you use it? Thanks

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