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Healthy living part II

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Random
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I was speaking to a guy from Serbia today and he told me that everyone is really skinny there because they have a balkan breakfast …

3 cigarettes and a cup of coffee

Niiice 😛


Some things in life really get my back up and car insurance companies are definately one of them.

As if being charged for your gender, age and where you live isn’t enough, when you actually need to use them they’ll put so many barriers in your path you can’t actually claim. Even if its something entirely reasonable like your car being nicked.

Oh and even if you get to the claiming stage, you can end up losing money by losing your no claims discount. In fact, it turns out if you have an open claim, they can cancel your insurance and leave you to take your chances elsewhere at a vastly inflated price.

In summary, that’s the last time I buy anything from a pachyderm in a suit

Love and Peace


Stumble strangeness

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Random
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I appreciate its been a little quiet around here recently. Sorry about that, been mad busy.

So I was kinda suprised to see 4000 people had visited the blog over two days last week all to the itunes WMD post from a few months. You gotta love stumble

Love and Peace


FL Studio 9 released

Posted: September 21, 2009 in News, Random
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Version 9 of my favourite DAW was released last week. Having given it a proper go now I’m really impressed

Here are my favourite new features

– It was free (OK not actually a new feature but this is by far and away my favourite thing about every FL update, as once you buy it you get lifetime free updates)

– Riff machine – A new and very funky feature is the riff machine that can create lines and melodies in a variety of ways, from completely random to interpreting an existing score

– Sidechaining – While sidechaing effects were possible in previous versions using the peak controller, allowing multiple (seperate) inputs to each mixer channel is definately a long wanted addition. Means I can use some of those cool multi-input Reaktor ensembles

-Vocodex – I have to say this is possibly the most flexible vocoder I’ve ever seen, pretty much everything is tweakable and it uses the multiple inputs feature really well. In all honesty explaining all its features would be a blog post all in itself

– Better Fruity wrapper – Much improved VSTi/DXi handling options

– GUI overhaul – The new version depinately looks prettier, especially the way it handles plug-ins without their own GUIs. Also several graphical tweaks have the whole environment easier on the eyes. While this might not seem important, if you spend 3 hours staring a screen it can make a big difference

–  Autogun – A new free addition to the fruity synth library, based on their recent Ogun synth. It has only a couple of controls and a huge (>4 billion) number of randomly generated (and named) presets. I usually like fiddling around with a synths controls but there is something fun about browsing through the library especially if you need a little inspiration. I would however say you should definately add an EQ to it to knock those sounds into shape. Even if you don’t use FL you can still download the (also free) VST version here and give it a go

– Mid/side tools – Its a nice little addition

– Pattern muting – definately smooths out the workflow

And here’s my wishlist for new features

– Please Image-Line add a freeze pattern/channel function. It would be really helpful

– Other than that I’m pretty happy 😉

That just about sums it up… expect to hear some tracks made in it soon.

Also if you’re thinking of buying it, you can get a 10% discount on it if you know someone who’s already bought it through their affilliate scheme. Seeing as you know me (at least in a virtual sense) click here to get your discount.

Love and Peace


And it turns out…

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Random
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Shockingly, you really can fix a rrod xbox 360 with four pieces of eraser. How ridiculous!

To be fair, I’m really not complaining, I got a free xbox. The most surprising thing is actually that it survived being taken apart and put back together (there were two very disconcerting cracks while we screwed the motherboard back in).

There’s also a genius moment film on my mobile of use testing a sample of eraser (for heat resistance) by frying it in the worlds smallest frying pan. Maybe I’ll upload it soon for randomness value

Love and Peace


I think I’ve been screwed

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Random
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A friend of mine said I can have his red ring of death-ed xbox 360 if I can fix it. I felt I had to do it, even if it goes tits up I love dissecting technology. However I’ve been foiled … by the wrong type of screwdriver. After dismantling most of the case we found that to completely wrench off the motherboard you need a tiny torx screwdriver, and then proceeded to wander around Brixton looking for the right equipment.

Well, we failed for today but expect another post soon about whether you really can fix a dead xbox with four pieces of eraser and some double sided tape.

L & P


Edinburgh festival goodness

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Random

I’ve wanted to write this post since I got back last Saturday, now that I’m done with all of the album release stuff I can finally do it.

I love the Edinburgh festival, truly. It doesn’t matter if it rains or they’ve dug up half the roads to put in a tram network, it is quite simply awesome. Wandering around there is such a buzz and such a wide spectrum of people, it doesn’t feel exclusive in any way you just drink it in. In all fairness different people go to different things and for me (perhaps unsurprisingly) the music stole the festival.

In one evening I managed to see a funky Australian fusion act, my favourite acoustic guitarist and go to an awesome club night. First off was Tom Tom Crew, the aforementioned fusion act made up of a turntablist, a beatboxer, a drummer and a bunch of acrobats.  I left the purple inflatable cow shaped tent (don’t adjust your sets, its actually a venue in Edinburgh/London) feeling thoroughly pumped. Check out the vid below for some idea of what they’re like.

A particular highlight was the drummer performing a song on (and dedicated to) a bizarre brown and beige electronic instrument from the 80s called the omnichord . I was also shocked to find out they still make them (although they’ve changed name and lost their beigeness)

Then across the city in a wooden tent (its starting to sound like a camping holiday) with an interior reminiscent of a private room at the moulin rouge I saw Antonio Forcione perform a set. He really makes his guitar sing, it felt like all of the velvet drapes were gently reverberating. I sat there sipping single malt (well I was in Scotland, it has to be done) completely transfixed

Then to top it off I went to a Silent Disco. Which, if you’ve never been, trust me you should, just for the experience. Imagine being at a club except there are no speakers, only radio headphones that can tune into one of two DJs channels. While you’re wearing them it feels like any other rave, visuals, lights and all. Take them off  and you realise you’re in a completely quiet room with a bunch of nutters dancing out of time with each other occasionally cheering when there’s a shoutout on a channel … Genius!

Heh, and that was one evening. Other highlights include – the comedy stylings of Jo Caulfield,  all of the street performers soldiering on throughout various levels of downpour, and a bizarre late night victorian themed quiz show run by a friend of mine.

Love the city, love the vibe … Thank you Edinburgh for running such an awesome event


Just got back from edinburgh festival, which was absolutely amazing – expect a proper blog post about it when I’m not shattered and just stumbled of a train.

Also as The Vibe Electric is being released on Monday, you only have a few hours left before the option to download it for free goes away, so make the most of it while you can 😉

Love and Peace


Eccentric or bust

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Random

Recently I’ve wondered why we’ve lost the concept of eccentricity, the UK used to be the world leader in it 😉

I think the unusual, colourful people that you meet are what gives life its flavour. While I still meet them, everyone seems more guarded somehow. People don’t tend to show their hand until they know that you’re not going to judge them. Its kind of a sad situation.

There are probably a lot of reasons for this: fear of being medicalised, our glorious leader (and predecessors) wanting to make everyone as bone-numbingly dull as he is or perhaps the reality tv freakshow giving difference a bad name.

Whatever the cause is, I miss it though… an overly conformist (or even just an outwardly conformist) world would be far far too dull for my liking. So lets bring it back, a bit of leftfieldism, to break the daily grind. If you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Love and Peace


Sounds of London

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Random

Everyone here complains about the weather, or at least talks about it so much that it is considered a joke around the world. But much as people complain about the constant drizzle, sitting here listening to the rain outside makes me feel completely serene.

It might be the sheer contrast to the bosh I was working on downstairs but there is definately something about its chaotic, yet unified nature. Even if it means the odd cancelled picnic I would find it strange living somewhere without it.

If you’re interested in taming the sounds of nature for musical purposes you should definately check out the free nature VST pack by xoxos. Which emulates rain, wind and thunder as well as insects and birds. It also won the KVR developer’s challenge back in 2007

Or just stick a mike out your window and tape some 😉