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Just a quick post to let you know … In celebration of the last day of Large Hadron Kaleidoscope release week, there is 50% off everything on the official download page for the next 24 hours (until midnight 15/07/12). Just enter the code “boson2045” in the buy now screen to apply.

Big love to everyone whose helped me out this week.

Keep boshing



Yesyes, the day has finally arrived, Large Hadron Kaleidoscope is out now on iTunes, Amazon and all other good online retailers and streaming services.

You can listen to it on the download page, or using the handy player below

Like all my tracks it’ll be free to listen to forever, in full because everyone deserves music.

Also the very first review of LHK is out now too, you can read it over at Ascrono music

Keep your eyes on the dataphiles homepage and the @DTPLrecords twitter feed as there will be discounts and giveaways posted live for the next couple of weeks.

Love and Peace


Hey there,

As I’ve mentioned before I haven’t had much time for blogging recently as I’ve been getting my new album mixed and mastered up.

Well its all ready and submitted, with just over a month to go until release. If you can barely wait that long then fear not as you can preorder on Amazon, trackitdown and 7digital (more to follow)

In the meantime expect more album news, offers and vids coming up

Love and Peace, D

New album announcement

Posted: February 22, 2011 in News, releases
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Well its very tentative but I’m getting together a tracklist for a new album. Its early stages now but I’ll probably try for a summer release.

Anyway, keep tuned in for further developments but in the meantime there is new music on the download page (which may well be included in the finished product). I decided to go for a bit more of a vocal sound than usual with an electo-ish feel. So have a listen and get hyped 😉


Love and Peace


Hello everyone,

Even during my year of hell, I was still making music. In fact at some times it felt like it was what was keeping me sane (well, relatively).

Anyway here is my first upload of it to the download page. Three tracks one chiptuney, one glitchy, and one electro-y. So here we go

If you’re always on the music discovery sites you may have noticed that Shem and Nk Cell have been on the lovely Soundcloud for a while, Lotus V is brand new. As part of my uploading spree I’m going to do a bit of restructuring of my profiles on music discovery sites, use different ones for different purposes.

Back to the mastering then…

Love and Peace


Two new tracks on the download page

Posted: December 27, 2009 in free stuff, releases
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Ever wondered what the best cure for some seasonal overindulgence is?

Put on some pumping electronica and dance it off!

To help you out I’ve added two new tracks to the download page. Dive in, a punky driven track and Exponent, a furious bosh with lots of digital distortion. Have a listen below …


You may have noticed the download page has changed slightly, there are now only high quality downloads. So you can get these tracks in the format you want for the price you choose (even for free). Hope you enjoy

Love and Peace


As I promised previously I’m starting to add the B-sides from The Vibe Electric to the Download page.  And here’s the first one a scratchy sliced track called SAS (no reference to the stealthy badasses, honestly). Hope you Enjoy!

Love and Peace


PS All of these B-sides are completely free (and released under creative commons) except if you want to use them commercially, in which case contact me

The Vibe Electric on iTunes

Posted: August 26, 2009 in releases

the vibe electric cover small

The Vibe Electric is now available on iTunes, if it wasn’t 10 am I’d have a celebratory drink. It should appear on most other MP3 download sites shortly

Love and Peace


I hope everyone who downloaded The Vibe Electric for free is enjoying it. As it goes on general release tomorrow, I’ve taken the free download option off the site.

You can still listen to it for free on the download page and (from tomorrow) on spotify too.

Love and Peace


Just got back from edinburgh festival, which was absolutely amazing – expect a proper blog post about it when I’m not shattered and just stumbled of a train.

Also as The Vibe Electric is being released on Monday, you only have a few hours left before the option to download it for free goes away, so make the most of it while you can 😉

Love and Peace