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I’ve decided to upload my Reaktor back catalogue to kvr, (invader, phazmatic, gen-rate, stepnik and binary)  so now you don’t need access to the native instruments user library to play around with Dataphiles synths.

Also, as if you needed a reason to love Reaktor I was looking on the download page for gen-rate, which already contained a pretty surreal series of posts, and someone has added this gem:

“There was a strange spaceship in my back yard. The door was open so I hopped in for a fly, a bunch of seemingly random controls crashed my through the neighbors fence before taking me to a really wet planet. I had to battle marsh blobs before jumping into hyper splodge.
Suddenly I woke up with a start realising I had gone to bed straight after a large dose of LSD and had dreamed I’d fallen into a Reaktor!!!

Thanks I love it, now I don’t have to record the bath tub :-)”

Hugo Peterson – you are officially awesome

Love and Peace